Health and wellness


Health and wellness is the basis thing of everything that we desire out of our life. Doesn’t matter whether we want to have fun, go on a holiday or work like a horse to earn money, the first thing that we require to pursue anything in our life is health.

A lot is being talked about health, the more we talk and read the more complicated it gets.

Achieving Health and Wellness seems very simple when we read but implementing the recommendations is not easy and many times results into nothing.

Most of the websites and books who talk about Wellness end up in advising long lists of check ups and products which ultimately drain out your hard earned money.

Health and Wellness Package designed by Ayushree helps you to stay fit and enjoy your health…

Garbha Sanskar


Garbha means fetus and Sanskara is the process of inculcating specific qualities and stimulating early learning in the fetus. It ensures maternal well being, fetal health and enhances the process of Natural delivery of the baby. Garbhasanskara enhances the bond between the mother, father and the child and also strenghtens the family ties. Garbha Sanskara helps to reduce the possibility of complicatins during and after pregnancy, it is the surest way to ensure complete physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual growth of the fetus.

At Ayushree we have done extensive research and in depth analysis on this subject since 14 years and have formulated an easy to follow programme for the pregnant lady to know more about it write an email to us on and we will be happy to share with you a new exciting world of knowledge.

Garbha Sanskara at ayushree means enjoying pregnancy with your baby…

Panchakarma – The detoxification therapy

What is Panchakarma?


Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word, which means five karmas. Pancha is five and karma means procedures. Panchakarma are the five main cleansing procedures advised by Ayurveda. This is a specialty of Ayurveda, because no other medical science in this world has described anything similar to this. Ayurveda has a specific approach in treating diseases, which is different from all other systems of medicine. Instead of relaying only on medicines, Ayurveda advocates that periodic detoxification of the body is extremely essential. The diseases treated in this way are cured completely and permanently.

In diseases like Asthma, Hypertension, Heart diseases, skin diseases (especially Psoriasis, Vitiligo), and many other diseases where the patients have to take life long medications Panchakarma treatment is extremely beneficial to achieve total cure of these diseases.