Dr. Abhay Kulkarni

MD (Ayurved)

Dr. Rajashree Kulkarni

MD (Ayurved)

Prakruti based prescription of diet and daily activities:

Kapha dominant prakruti (Body Constitution):

You have a KAPHA dominant body constitution.

That means ‘KAPHA’ is the dominant fact governing majority of your body functions & your make up of mind body and intellect.

This makes your :

Grasping – Little bit slower.

Intelligence – Good.

Memory – Excellent.

Level of endurance – Fair.

Stress endurance – Excellent.

You have a personality of:

1. Being calm, relaxed, affectionate & tolerant by nature.

2. Self contained, complacent & happy to go individual.

3. Cool headed & mature.

4. Reserved, shrewd & possessive in nature.

5. Slow but methodical & sincere.

6. Firm, tough & determined.

7. Strong built with lot of stamina, not easily fatigued with physical work.

8. Having natural liking towards sleep,sex & food.

The drawbacks of your personality are:

1. Your actions & responses are little bit slower.

2. You are slow to learn and slow to change.

3. You need a lot of motivation and you go in a state of inertia very easily.

4. You are satisfied very easily which makes your progress slower.

5. You have a tendency to postpone work.

6. You have a tendency to become lethargic dull and lazy.

The Strengths of your personality are:

1. Though you are a slow learner you have an excellent retention capacity & therefore can remember things with minor details.

2. You are methodical in your work.

3. You have an excellent capacity to win friends & influence people.
4. You have an in built capacity to tackle the crisis with a firm & tough mind.

5. You are not ruffled or disturbed very easily.

6. It is very rare for you to have an attack of frustration.

7. You have a pure mind with realistic attitude & strong feelings.

To minimize the drawbacks you should:

1. Avoid skipping meals.

2. Take regular exercises this will help you to reduce the over dominance of kapha in your body.

3. Try to move around the place of work instead of sitting in one place or do some kind of physical work. This will help you to refresh yourself , especially when you feel dull & lethargic.
4. You have high physical endurance due to which you tend to exhaust yourself very very much. Try to avoid over exertion.

5. Do not allow your thoughts to get stagnated.

6. Always set your goals a little higher.

7. Try to respond as quickly as possible

8. Do not allow yourself to become lethargic & dull.

9. Avoid postponing of work.

10. Try to plan & complete the work before schedule.

To maintain your heath you should:

1. Not delay or skip your meals, you should take meals at regular timings & in fixed quantities.

2. If you feel depressed, sluggish or lazy try a session of brisk walk or any kind of physical work.

3. Avoid damp, humid and cold weather, and environment.

4. You should protect yourself from dampness humidity and cold. Kapha being a cold and moist dosha, it gets aggravated due to cold, moist foods, damp weather & benefits from dryness, & heat.

5. Drink very little fluids to prevent clogging of body tissues with excessive water.

6. Avoid use of air conditioners.

7. Take care of yourself especially AFTER WINTER SEASON because ‘Kapha’ the
dominant dosha in your Prakruti gets aggravated after winter season especially in march & april.

8. Stay warm; dry heat is beneficial for kapha prakruti persons.

9. Drink a glass of water with two teaspoons of honey every day early in the morning.

10. keep the passages of your body clean dry and warm.